Lesson null: CoffeeTalk/2

We had an informal CoffeeTalk this week instead of a formal lesson. About 40 to 45 users in IRC, and 20 to 25 users in Skype. The audio gremlins were hard at work this week trying to make our Skype lives miserable, but we managed to smoothly transition most of the discussion into the IRC channel and maintain a semblance of order during the meeting.

It appears, after this week’s trial-and-error, that IRC may be the way to hold CoffeeTalk meetings from now on. We’ll still use Skype for random questions and musings, but typing all our thoughts and questions into IRC allows for an automatic logging process to take place. This saves editing time for the audio recordings, and provides a search-able and paste-able reference to what went on.

Please refer to Josh’s lesson thread on g.d.o for more discussion on this week’s meeting.

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