Lesson null: CoffeeTalk/1

No lesson this week, folks – just a discussion between members of the dojo on future direction.

There’s been a phenomenal amount of growth since the inception of this group, and we need to talk about possible future plans and direction as it relates to our learning curve, our documentation, and our need to expand our scope while still feeding information to the main drupal.org site. Josh is away this week, so we’ll be taking the opportunity to begin what is hoped to become a regular, unstructured discussion time between members.

This “CoffeeTalk” as Josh_k dubbed it, will hopefully become a springboard for future lesson ideas as well, since we’ll be learning more about each other and our current real-world projects during these discussions too.

What we need to know from the dojii is whether you’d like to have one CoffeeTalk time each week for all participants, or split it up into two separate sessions to more closely align the timezones with real life duties.┬áSound off in the poll!

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