Best Travel Makeup Bags for Women

Cosmetic Bags for Women

Weather going on an extended trip holiday or just going to the beach on a weekend, women’s travel cosmetic bags are always on top of the checklist. Yet, they are one major factor to make you nervous when packing. So, how can you search for the perfect cosmetic bags that can suit your lifestyle?      Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of different makeup and cosmetic travel bags that will help you decide on the most suitable one for you.

1. The Lexi

Lexi Bags

This is a travel organizer that comes in dozens of different colors and patterns. Inside the bag there are 3 different makeup mini-bags for you to take out and fill them. For its compact size, this bag will surprise you with how many items it can store.       

2. The Sephora Weekender

The Sephora Weekender is considered to be one of the affordable travel cosmetic bags for women, especially for its size. It is considerably huge and can be stuffed with all of you essential makeup and much more. Also, it comes with a hanger for more convenience. 

3. Sonia Kashuk Beauty Organizer

Arguably, one of the most beautiful cosmetic bags in this category. It is just a one-zipper bag, with two ends. Inside, it has a plastic zipper with a brush holders on one end. And on the other end, it has two removable plastic pockets.        

4. NiceEbag

If you travel frequently, this is the makeup bag for you. This square-shaped hard-sided cosmetic bag comes in one compact size that can be carried with you everywhere you go. Inside, the bag is broken up into a little adjustable dividers. You can remove or adjust those dividers to create whatever size compartment based on your needs, which is a brilliant feature.       

5. Flower Beauty Weekender

As the name implies, this is a colorful makeup bag that would be perfect for a small trip. It has a lot of large zipper pockets inside, as well as brush holders to hold your brushes. This bag will carry all your makeup, and also, if you want to stuff some jewelry in it as well, there will be plenty of space for them.    

6. En’Da Professional

This bag is big enough to hold all you makeup and skincare products combined. Would be perfect for long holidays, where you’re going away for a while and would like to pack some extra cosmetic products with you. Also its zippers can accommodate small locks for extra safety. This is an essential feature, since this bag can pack a lot of makeup and cosmetic products

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