Drupal dojo was founded by Josh_k with the intent to gather a few Drupal ninjas and a couple dozen eager ninjannabees that would eventually form a series of training sessions. While these unscheduled sessions were originally teaching what Josh knew from his years of poking and prodding at the core of Drupal itself, he envisioned that the group would evolve a few sensei who could also teach what they knew. Helping each other to perfect skills and better learn our craft is what the dojo is all about.

Little did anyone suspect that just a few short weeks would produce over 800 willing participants and spawn a regular online meeting time! The technology that we now leverage into place each week to bring these lessons to everyone is not only fluid, adaptable, and cutting-edge, it’s also supported by the very people who learn in the dojo from week to week.

Each lesson is recorded and archived for future dojii to reference, and every class is dutifully notated in a wiki-style node by the ever-awesome Victor Kane on groups.drupal.org. Screencasts are hosted on drupal.org and are permalinked in every lesson.

The future

Documentation is a huge part of the focus of the dojo. Nobody benefits from participating in an online learning forum if the details are not written down for others to learn from. Developing a real-world project six months from now and realizing that even you have forgotten the details learned in class can be frustrating and a needless waste of time. Rather than try to relearn the entire lesson, wouldn’t it be better to simply reference the documentation from the drupal.org Handbooks?

Good news! We’ve been given the green light to modify, add to, and even create entire new sections of the Drupal Handbooks using the detailed information this dojo produces. Each week, the dojii members are learning a lot of new ways to accomplish real tasks, and we need your help to document the process. If you learn something from these classes, screencasts, and tutorials, and you put it into practice on a site you’re developing, please write us a two-paragraph email and document your procedures, pitfalls, and experiences. We can aggregate all sorts of content into these new Handbooks, but we can’t write it ourselves. You are the ones who live in the trenches and You are the ones who’ve just figured out a problem. Who better to document a pothole than someone who’s just climbed out of one and remembers the vivid steps taken to get themselves back to high ground?

Send us your input! Give us your stories! We’ll take them and turn them into usable material for the whole world. That’s what the dojo is all about.

Sayonara, and see you next week!